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The International Encyclopedia of Ethics is the most comprehensive, authoritative print and electronic Ethics resource available. Its entries discuss topics, movements, arguments, and figures in Normative Ethics, Metaethics, and Practical Ethics. It covers major philosophical and religious traditions; entries are written by nearly 750 different highly respected thinkers from around the world.

In its electronic form, each entry is hyperlinked to other entries and to electronic editions of the renowned Blackwell Companions and Guides (see here) ― in all, more than 1500 scholarly articles.  The electronic version will be regularly updated, making IEE the preferred resource for any professional, layperson, or student wanting to know more about Ethics.  The 2nd print edition is 11 volumes of over three million words.

Work on the Encyclopedia is shepherded by an Editor-in-Chief and an Associate Editor.

Hugh LaFollette
University of South Florida Emeritus

Associate Editor:
William Hawk
James Madison University

Associate Editor for 2nd Print
Gillian Brock
U. of Auckland

The 2nd print edition (11 vol.) appeared in 2020; the first (8 vol.), in 2013.
The first electronic update was published in June 2015 and each June since.
New and Revised Entries are specifically identified on the "Authors" and "Topics" pages..

Founding Associate Editors and Editorial Board

Founding Associate Editors
John Deigh (University of Texas)
Sarah Stroud (McGill University)

Founding Editorial Board

David Archard (Queen's University Belfast)
Marcia Baron (U. of St. Andrews & Indiana University)
Tom L. Beauchamp (Georgetown University)
Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State
Roger Crisp (Oxford University, United Kingdom)
Garrett Cullity (University of Adelaide, Australia)
James Dreier (Brown University)
Marilyn Friedman (Vanderbilt University)
Thomas E. Hill, Jr. (University of North Carolina)
Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Jacobson (University of Michigan)
Dale Jamieson (New York University)
Pauline Kleingeld (University of Groningen, Netherelands)
Jeff McMahan (Oxford University, United Kingdom)
Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund University, Sweeden)
Geoff Sayre-McCord (University of North Carolina)
Russ Shafer-Landau (University of North Carolina)
Tamar Schapiro (Stanford University)
William R. Schroeder (University of Illinois)
Michael J. Selgelid (Monash University, Australia)
Mark Timmons (University of Arizona)
Sumner B. Twiss (Florida State University)
Ralph Wedgwood (University of Southern California)
Christopher Heath Wellman (Washington University)

The IEE was first published in print and online in early 2013.  Email the EIC

Formal Reviews

“An enterprise like this sets out to be comprehensive, authoritative and contemporary, to lay out the content in a coherent and user-friendly way, to set up intelligent cross-references between entries that authentically reflect overlaps and distinctions between definitions and methods, to capture the international flavour of ethics and its associations with culture and philosophy and morality and to connect everything up to the rich and challenging historiography and bibliography in all these areas. No small task, then, and it is achieved well in this impressive work. . . . Turning to the content of the encyclopedia itself, this reviewer has had the pleasure of working with it on several weeks now – using it for research and lecturing as well as with student project and reference work. Its strengths come through time and time again, in many ways and at various levels of inquiry. . . .This encyclopedia is an impressive and distinctive addition to the field and is likely, in either of its forms, to be the authority for many years to come.”
               Stuart Hannabuss, (2014) "The International Encyclopedia of Ethics", Reference Reviews,                     Vol. 28 Issue: 4, pp.11-13,

“It is a comprehensive, extremely valuable, and indeed indispensable reference work.  Summing Up:  Highly recommended.  Upper-division undergraduates and above.”


"The International Encyclopedia of Ethics is sure to become a core resource in the field. . . . Over nine volumes, the encyclopedia addresses the themes, eras, influential people, and theories related to ethics. . . . Each entry has embedded cross-referencing within the article, a complete cross-reference list at the end of the article, references, and further readings. Additionally, there is a highly detailed index at the end of volume 9, making this resource extremely accessible. . . . The review process of each entry—each article was vetted by a rigorous blind peer-review process—makes for an authoritative source in ethics . . . This set is highly recommended for libraries in higher education. . . . It will be particularly useful for undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars, who will likely find it to be an invaluable resource."


"This will be a welcome addition to electronic or Print reference collections in libraries of all sizes."

(Reference and User Services Association): "Honorable Mention" in competition for the Best Reference Work (all disciplines) for 2013.


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