Journalists and War Conference
Audio provided by WUSF
The Conference was held February 16-17 at USF St. Petersburg
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Narratives of Just War

Joel Rosenthal and Judith Lichtenberg join moderator Hugh LaFollette in this discussion of how journalists make difficult decisions about what to report and how to do so in light of conflicting allegiances to their profession and country.

Reflections of a War Zone Thug

Martin Bell and Philip Seib join moderator Jay Black in a discussion about how journalists can fulfill their duty to inform the public and also serve the interests of justice in war.

The Judgment Call: Can We Be Wrong?

Barbara Crossette and Albert Pierce join moderator Thomas Smith in a discussion about where the government's interests and journalism's interests clash and where they don't.

Ethical Problems of Covering the War in Iraq

Corey Flintoff and moderator Tony Silvia consider the challenges of reporting in a place where deciding what's right or wrong can mean life or death. Podcast begins a few minutes into Corey Flintoff's remarks.

The Military Media Relationship

Bryan Whitman and Norman Solomon with moderator Bob Steele examine how militaries, governments and violent-action groups use and serve the media. Round table discussion follows.