Timothy LaFollette - In Memoriam
Timothy David LaFollette

11 October 1979 - 23 August 2011

We will always remember him.
We will always love him.

His music His life in pictures* His work

The Popovers

Decoration Ghost

Kutzu Wish

"He sang from his heart;
he sang from his soul.
He did not know how well he sang,
It just made him whole"
"Mr. Tanner'
— Harry Chapin

The Adoption Chronicles &
Schoolkid Chronicles

[video editor extraordinare]

Jo Beth
48-hour short film
shown at Cannes

Tim's "Lou Gehrig Address"

"How Can I Keep from Singing?"
-- Enya
[closing song at Memorial]

Understanding how ALS attacks (a year of Tim's life)**
Moving Canadian advertisement for ALS
***If you do not have the plugin, you can download and play it.
Information about ALS & the ALS Association [aka Lou Gehrig's disease]

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.
— Alfred Lord Tennyson ("In Memoriam")

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