Practical Ethics

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.  The main organization concerning practical and professional ethics, based at the Indiana University.  

Blog, written by philosophers and other academics.

Belmont Report.  The government report, drafted by philosopher Tom Beauchamp, which establishes the guidelines for the use of human subjects in experimentation.  The principles stated here are also often cited in discussions of other issues in bioethics.

Codes of Professional Ethics.  Copies of all available codes of ethics from every profession.  Sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Creationism / Evolution Debate.  A series of exchanges on the debate, but very well-known spokespeople from both sides.  Detailed; well-done.

Ethics on the world wide web.  From California State University-Fullerton.  Links to various resources on business, medical, and professional ethics.

Ethics Updates.  Great resource, maintained by philosopher Laurence Hinman.  Extensive links for numerous web resources.

European Consortium for Political Research.  An organization of political theorists throughout Europe, based at the University of Essex (UK).  Includes cutting-edge papers on topics covered in this volume. 

Global Warming.  A lecture by Richard Alley, outlinging the current state of scientific knowledge on global warming.

Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at the University of Maryland.  Online copy of the Institute's quarterly magazine for the past three years.  Each issue features articles on some practical ethical issue.

Lectures.  Video recordings of lectures by renowned faculty.  Many lectures on ethical topics.

Media Ethics.  A site by Stephen J. Ward at the University of Wisconsin.  Includes extensive links to information about media ethics.  Nice resource.

Multiple links from the Center for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia.

Philosophy Papers.  An amazing resource!  Search an enormous database of philosophy articles.  Read articles posted on the web or available (electronically) through your university library (you will have to configure your proxy server for off-campus library access; instructions are on the site and easy to follow).

Rachels, James.  Several essays, and one book, on practical ethics, on the James Rachels page.

Religious Tolerance.  A Canadian religious organization.  This page features links to diverse opinions on a wide variety of practical ethical issues.

Research Ethics Initiative at North Carolina State University.  Outlines of various course modules in research ethics.  Links to other resources.

United Nations.  Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.  Copies of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and various treaties and Covenants about human rights.  Good resource.  Includes all treaties and a list of the countries that ratified them (and when).  Important point about this document.  An `s' only means the country has acknowledge the presence of the document.   Only countries that have ratified (r) or accepted the Declaration or Covenant by accession (a) have official endorsed that Declaration or covenant. 


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