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Blackwell Publishers, 2020
Hugh LaFollette (editor)

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"This superb collection remains at the top of the field.  LaFollette is a master editor and he has commissioned and selected articles with great thoughtfulness.  Ethics in Practice, Fifth Edition, will be a great resource for any general moral problems course or applied ethics class."
Russ Shafer-Landau, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“A superb and thoughtfully edited collection of ethical writing, both theoretical and applied, containing timeless classics (many revised) and timely contemporary essays on important practical topics.”
David Archard, Queen’s University Belfast

“Hugh LaFollette, a leading ethicist who is known (and valued) in particular for his contributions to practical ethics, has done a superb job selecting papers for this important anthology.”
Christopher Heath Wellman, Washington University in St. Louis

I. Ethical Theory

II. Life, Death, Moral Status

III. Liberty & Equality

IV. Justice
Ethical Theories Euthanasia



Biomedical Technologies


Paternalism & Risk

Free Speech

Discrimination, Racism, and Sexism,

Conscience, State, and Religious Indoctrination


Economic Justice

Global Justice

War & Torture

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