Personal Relationships: Love, Identity and Morality

  by Hugh LaFollette
Blackwell Publishers 1995  

"This admirably clear and engaging work ... is broadly accessible... and is informed by social science research. Yet it is also thoroughly philosophical, delving into problems in ethics, epistemology, the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language.... Let us hope that LaFollette continues to tackle these problems with the clarify and rigor he shows here."
Philosophical Quarterly  

"The position LaFollette takes here is an original one, and he defends it with philosophical acuity and personal wisdom. His attempt to make sense of love, friendship, and personal relationships has produced valuable and interesting results."
Lester H. Hunt
University of Wisconsin
[pre-publication review]



I. The Nature and Value of Personal Relationships

1. What Is a Personal Relationship?
2. Feelings and Emotions
3. Why Do I Love?
4. Reasons for Love
5. Value of Love

II. The Personal Bond

6. Interpreting Another`s Behavior
7. Intimacy
8. Honesty & Self-knowledge
9. Equality in Personal Relationships
10. Art of Loving
11. Sex and Jealousy
12. Commitment
13. Morality and Personal Relationships


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